Art Night Jerome - 6:30PM -

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Art Night Jerome  - 6:30PM -
Art Night Jerome - 6:30PM -
Artist Statement
I create art because it is my way of pushing Action! A great piece of art should compel you to take some sort of action or change the way you think. I send my art out with the hope that it plays a part in changing people or moves them in a positive direction. My goal is to help the process of growth and change.
My art documents the struggle with trying to make yourself a better person. I feel we can all relate to that. It is my job to be an example that it is positive because I was totally lost before art helped change my life. I know that my job now is to give that same message to someone else through my art.

About the artist!!!!
I am an African American artist from Portland, Oregon. I started out as a spray painter in the 1980s when I was a kid and I have now been an artist for more than 20 years. Art has helped me through personal struggles to make sense of and find meaning in my life.
I was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole in 1994. I was only 19 yrs. old when I was sentenced to spend the rest of my life in prison… Until last year, Governor Kate Brown commuted my sentence, and I was able to earn parole. While inside I became proficient at creating murals around the prison and eventually got well known even outside for my art.
I was released in May of 2022 because of the social work that I have done for over a decade. I taught art and facilitated cognitive programing for people in prison that were trying to make the same changes that I had made in my life.

The process and alphabet!!!!
I love to take a real image and push it into the abstract. The further I push it the art goes beyond words and structure. It becomes spiritual. The designs that make up my alphabet and squares help me reach that place.
When I first started creating art, I was limited in what I had to create with. I helped push my creativity, so I have kept that theme throughout the years. I now have many more tools at my disposal but whenever I can I still create with pastel, juice packets, coffee, pen, whatever is available… as long as it happens and has a positive message. 

We request all guests be 21+

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